Todays world

Today we live in a world where technology allows human processes to be automated and, apparently, set for our service; but in reality they end up ABOVE people (especially in work teams, companies and systems that develop long-term objectives). Everything seems to flow in a democratic, flexible way; everyone participates equally in the exchanges that occur.

But the truth is far from this. Tools, platforms and communication systems determine the parameters in which this democracy of opinions can be expressed and how this relationship system really interacts.

In this world where our virtual connection means and management relies on software supports; stable, fixed processes are generated and anything seems to work for the development of every type of product or service


Artistic Expression and the Creation of space for the Talent’s Development.

It is good to know that currently new spaces of expression are being created, where artists are not processed in a production line and where the film and television industry can find the real talent in a natural and relevant way, gathered by the latest technology of the 21st century.

To be clear

Customised High Technology its not enough to summon artists in a creative world and WE GOT… NOTHING until we generate our own TALENT MACHINE. Fortunately, we are involved in that.