Do you need artists for action scenes? That they know the real dynamics for that type of film set? We have our action talent so you have people with experience!


If you need doubles to replace the main actors in the project, we have them. People with experience and training to follow lines of conversation with other actors or models; as well as doubles for any different parts of the body or that may require scenes of intimacy.


Do you need thousands of people for a crowd? Running through the streets? Maybe making a protest? Not only do we call people, we take care of all the logistics. That’s why, among all the artists that we send you, we have chosen a group of leaders, who will help you put together the scenes faster and more efficiently.


Scenes for musicals? Scenes with people of great physical prowess? There is nothing like dancers for that, and in our base we have a select group of professionals from each discipline, with the most exquisite training in each type of dance so that your scene looks fluid and not starring zombies! Sure, you can also count on our choreographers!


If you need a Model for your TV and Graphic Campaign, look no further. If you need style, elegance or walk a catwalk, what you need are models. Ask for our extensive book of models who are used to work for international brands with the highest aesthetic demand in Europe.


Whether you need real musicians that you can record live, or artists playing offline or pretending they’re playing, it’s best to have a real musician. It’s a band or an orchestra, there is nothing better than musicians that know each other to synchronize and make the best possible interpretation, natural and fluid.


Only real athletes know the movements and postures that every real athlete executes. No matter which sport you choose, it does not matter where the scenes take place, our athletes are real, professional, and they are all over the country. And with experience in filming!


If you need dogs, cats, or even people with horses, we haven them too! Ask for your favourite pet!


As we tell you about these classifications, we have many others! Do not hesitate to contact us for each specialty and category. We provide all you need!