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Please read this necessary information before continuing.

Here you enter our database that we use to search, find and manage the best opportunities for you, in any of the categories and / or possible roles, whatever may be the category or media exposure.

Entering this base means that you agree that we are your agent and manager in front of possible clients and projects, such as film producers, television or advertising, theatre, parades or fashion spaces, catalogs, graphics, events, and any other type of project or space within the world of entertainment and image; or other spaces, platforms or markets that can be found in the future. For this, we need to be in accordance with our terms and conditions, and for things to be safe, our privacy policy.

We work very strictly with data protection, and we depend on your consent for your personal information and that you can access this information whenever you want, change it or modify it, and even delete it if you do not want us to be your representatives. It is important that you know that, in order to obtain these opportunities, we must share your information with clients or their representatives.

This information is about your image, your body measurements, your personal skills and your experience. It is important to remember that, although there are only some mandatory fields, more details than others, more likely to appear in the search engines of our systems and in the memory of our casting agents.

It will also ask you for some legal and administrative information. The legal data is because they must be sure, like the company, that they have the right to work in the United Kingdom and that they carry the documentation that proves it. Administrative data that provide us the ability to contact, book and ultimately pay you.

Applicants should have as part of the registration process the following

A valid National Insurance number & full rights to work in the UK (with the necessary documentation to evidence this).

Have (or be willing to obtain) a valid Basic Disclosure certificate.

A viable degree of availability on day-to-day basis.

A professional attitude and a genuine interest in Film & TV.

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BELIEF as an Artist you will find opportunities.

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Alex and Jason.